2018: A Year to…


Happy 2018, y’all! I hope this new year is treating you better than the old one.

2017 was a lot of things. Difficult. Challenging. Depressing. Exhausting. It was also hopeful. Fun. Exciting. Life-changing.

This year, I asked those close to me a question when I wished them well in the New Year: what’s one thing you’ve done/tried/bought/whatever in the past year that I should adopt in the year ahead?

I love starting the New Year off with these kinds of contemplations. It put me outside of my own box, and got me thinking about what I should try.

Answers went from the practical:

  • Buy real adult face lotion “like a grown-up” – Ahava is what was recommended.
  • Mary’s Gone Crackers  from Sprouts – healthy AND tasty and apparently very good with smoked cheeses.
  • A make-up eraser is pretty much the MUST HAVE thing I should add to my beauty box.

To the daily self-care:

  • Daily morning meditation (suggested by two different people). I’ve been meditating most mornings and I can stay that I feel the benefits.
  • Walk/exercise first thing in the morning, especially so you can’t convince yourself you’re “too tired” at the end of the day.
  • Letting go more and having a more “go with the flow” mentality; not trying to control everything.
  • Standing up for yourself.
  • Bullet journaling to keep all my goals in check.

To the fun:

  • Throw impromptu dinner parties.
  • Dating Jess (according to the boyfriend, known here as Mr. Peanutbutter).
  • Travel with someone you love.
  • Laugh more often.

To the writerly:

I love these ideas and I’m glad that I asked a question beyond just wishing people a happy New Year.

If you need more inspiration, you can’t do better than Neil Gaiman.





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