New Year, New Name



Today I have an extra day off for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. It’s a good day to write, reflect, and to get my house (literally and figuratively in order).

One bright spot is that I’m officially back to my maiden name of Kormos. I’m still in the process of updating everything I need to, but it’s legal. I got my new driver’s license, and can now say I have a terrible, terrible picture. Still, I’m happy to have my name back.

The day job has made it interesting, as everyone assumes that the reason for the name change is because I got married. As a newly single girl, that’s been just LOADS of fun.

However, now that I am officially also 35, I give substantially fewer fucks than I did a year ago. Most of the time I say nothing and let them guess. It’s pretty freeing. Let them think of me what they will, and give them something to talk about.

It’s harder and harder to be optimistic about the future when the state of our country looks so bleak. I’ve written letters and made phone calls. I’ve spoken out the way Dr. King would, still believing that the way is for us to join together as people. As humans. To discuss those differences, knowing that just rabidly yelling my opinion won’t make a difference.

One note at a time. One voice at a time. One discussion at a time. I hope to make a change.

We’ve been thinking in absolutes instead of working with our system of government. We’re thinking in poisonous, vile memes instead of calling for reform and working to make things better.

The changes that are being discussed have motivated American people politically more than they ever have before. As a lifelong learner, I’m afraid that it may be too little too late.

When I thought about everything I wanted to accomplish this year, I picked “tenacity” and “talk less, do more” as my focal points.

I think I need to add “hope” to the list.

The things that are hardest to do are the things we must do.


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