2016: A Dickensian Year of Astonishing Exuberance


It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. It was 2016, a year to be remembered; a year many wish to forget.

This year was like riding on the world’s most epic rollercoaster – and like riding on the weirdest, most twisted rollercoaster one could imagine. One that has no end and no escape.


Yup, this sums it all up (see Mr. Bones Wild Ride)

This sentiment is both humbling and empowering; terrifying and yet gives me hope.

I normally do a year-end blog. I’m sitting here, listening to the torrential downpour outside, and having the most gloriously boring New Year’s Eve ever, and when I think about this year, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude, awe, love, and excitement for the year ahead.

I had some pretty horrible shit go down this year, too, but right now, on the last day of 2016, with my 35th birthday right around the corner, I don’t see it. All I see is the good that happened this year. So buckle up, buttercup; it’s about to get real.

Ms. Jess’s Wild Ride


  • Traveled to Las Vegas for the first time – by myself – and got my first (but not last) tattoo at Revolt Tattoos by the one, the only, Mr. Walter Frank.


  • Contacted a swing dance/writer friend on a whim – which led to us working together on a variety of projects – including the creation of Dear Anne Media. Thank you, Steph, for giving me a chance to work with you. It makes my heart so happy.
  • Attended Paradise Lost in April in San Antonio, TX, which lead to a massive expansion of my writer tribe. I love y’all more than I can say. SPACE RAPTORS FOREVAH.
    • Paradise Lost was the catalyst for many things. I learned at Paradise Lost that I was eligible to join the neo-pro spec fic group Codex, and had been since I attended Viable Paradise. Somehow I did not know this, but now I’m a member.
    • It was also at Paradise Lost that I decided to spend 6 months believing in myself & my writing. I quit a mediocre part-time job in the process and freaked out repeatedly for 2 months about my decision.
  • According to Grammarly, wrote over 2 million words. That seems about write (HAH! Puns!).
  • Wrote and submitted more this year than any other
  • There’s good news on that front, but I can’t talk about it publicly yet.
  • OH! I’m officially back to my maiden name of Kormos.
  • Was surprised and swept off my feet by the best man I’ve ever known, even if he is a scruffy nerf herder. Love, Your Weirdo 😛
  • Switched to a new QA position at the day job – causing an immediate increase in satisfaction and a massive decrease in stress.
  • Dad & stepmom came out to visit from PA – which included Dad & Jess’s Excellent Adventures when we road tripped to Norco to see is former bandmate, Vince.


I now have so, so much blackmail material. It’s also scary how much we look alike in this pic.


There’s a lot more that I could talk about, but it’s impossible to sum up a year in a post like this. I had good days and trying days. I had days when I wondered just who the hell I thought I was to want to be a writer, and days when I just wondered who the hell I was period. For every good thing that happened, there were a million steps that came before it.

The grandest thing that happened this year is that I fully embraced my beautiful, messy, imperfect life and my beautiful, messy, imperfect self.

What a difference a year makes.

Happy New Year’s everyone. May 2017 be more amazing than anything you could possibly dream.


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