84 Days Later: The Zombie Edition


Wow. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 84 days since my last blog post.

Why the zombie edition? Because I’m bringing this blog back from the dead!

I was reading my last blog post, and I honestly can’t believe how much has changed from finishing my 100 days of Scary challenge. Freelance work that I love and some super secret projects that will be announced soon. A blossoming relationship with a wonderful man. A job shuffle that initially did scare me, and has made me so much happier. A lovely visit with family. My first fiction reprint sale. Copyediting for a magazine that I adore with writers and editors I love.

It didn’t take me long after finishing the 100-day challenge to set new goals. There is always something to improve, always something to strive for; there always awaits a new thing to focus on.

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