Days 58-69: 100 Days of Scary

The best time for book planning is while you’re doing the dishes.                              – Agatha Christie


Day 58 (June 17): Started a semi-regular yoga practice again. My body is so much happier, especially since I sit all day at the day job. Not as strong or flexible as I’d like to be – yet.

Day 59 (June 18): Realized I’ve felt really good for about a month now. It’s been consistent, and that, to me, is scary. Good, but scary. This time, I’m not waiting for a bottom to drop out. I’m just living.

Day 60 (June 19): Took the leap and hung out my shingle on I still need to get set up with the marketing stuff, but hey, I’m putting myself out there.

Day 61 (June 20): Signed up for a writing class on Skillshare with Daniel José Older. My writing block is so bad right now, and I need to be forced out of it. I figure the “just do it” necessity of taking a class will help.

Day 62 (June 21): Accepted my first big freelance project. SO EXCITED.

Day 63 (June 22): Got involved in an online Google group where we encourage each other as creatives. It’s fun!

Day 64 (June 23): Researched some new skills I’d like to have. Started acquiring those skills. It’s good to be a beginner again.

Day 65 (June 24): Got my ticket for the 4 day Tiki Oasis extravaganza. Going with a friend, and very excited to have a 4 day staycation.

Day 66 (June 25):  Spent the day with good friends at a wine, beer, liquor, and food festival in Pomona. Had a wonderful time. Laughed so, so hard. Also? Discovered I don’t like mezcal.

Day 67 (June 26): Started journaling again.

Day 68 (June 27): Had a phone meeting about taking some classes that would bridge tech and writing. Also working to make sure I’m not so committed to outside things that I have no room to breathe.

Day 69 (June 28): At the recommendation of my friend and mentor, Steph, I reached out to people in my network and asked the following questions:

  1. What am I good at?
  2. What attributes make me “Jessica?”
  3. What do you see me doing? Or doing next?

More than one of them made me ugly cry. I think if everyone did this exercise, they would learn to see the beauty in themselves. I sure did.

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