Days 21-29: 100 Days of Scary


Holy cow. Has it been that long since I’ve posted?


Apologies to everyone who’s following this journey for the lateness of my post. My day job has been taking every last brain cell I’ve had lately, and I’ve been coming home without much energy.

So! Without further ado:

Day 21 (May 10):

Friended someone in one of my online FB groups. I normally don’t send friend requests to people I don’t know that well, but I figured, hey, why not?

Day 22 (May 11):

Said new friend had a VERY public meltdown over things that were identical to issues in the relationship I just got out of.

Decided to unfriend said person – and discovered I was unfriended first. I call that a win.

Day 23 (May 12):

I spoke my truth, even if it was hard. Even harder? Letting go fo the absolutely shitty narrative I’ve been telling myself for the last 20 years.

That last part feels AMAZING.


I’d like to think Prince would be proud.


Day 24 (May 13):

Started writing a poem. I haven’t actively written poetry in at least six years, and my poetry muscle is pretty weak.

Had fun anyways.

Day 25 (May 14):

Went to Michael’s for a frame. Decided, spur of the moment, to buy and put together the flowers and vase I found on sale. I don’t normally branch out into the floral arts,  but it’s pretty and makes me happy.


Day 26 (May 15): 

I finally broke my writer’s block and got back into the groove of writing.

I realized after Paradise Lost (a fabulous, wonderful, supportive workshop) I was incredibly intimidated. Like down to my bones intimidated.

Being accepted to and attending Viable Paradise was a big deal. Paradise Lost was the first moment I fully grasped just how big of a deal. When I realized that, I kinda froze up.

Fortunately, the only way forward is through.

Day 27 (May 16):

Had Big Realization #1: I’ve been playing it safe for far too long.

I’ve gotten nowhere by playing it safe.

Day 28 (May 17):

Acted on Big Realiztion #1 and started pushing myself in a very positive direction.

Day 29 (May 18):

Today I unleashed a can of clapback. Didn’t get angry, and didn’t break a sweat. Also took no shit.

This is pretty much how I feel right now.



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